Thursday, May 28, 2009

I finally got to hold Chance!!!

I finally got to hold Chance. You don't realize how small he is until you get to hold him. He is a tiny old man. He lost a little weight but he is about and Ounce heavier now.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gabe and doggies

Olivia giving Gabe kisses. She almost got his lips with her long tongue, but we have learned fast reflexes with her. DENIED!! :) Scooby looks so sad in this pic. I think sometimes he just wants to be the only doggie in the house. JEALOUS!!!
Gabe giving more attention to Scooby by giving him a tummy rub. Olivia going crazy like always.
Who needs babies when you got emotional doggies. :)

Chance 10 days old

Here are a couple of pics of Chance with Dad and Debbie. I'm super jealous I haven't got to hold him yet and I'm the sister.... NOT FAIR :(. Next time I go see him I'm coming back with a picture of me holding him no matter what. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert with Sarah

Sarah took me to Taylor Swift Concert and we had so much fun. She put on a good show it was very entertaining. Best concert I have been to.
Kelly Pickler opened for her. She did really good.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chance 6 days old

I went to the hospital today and got to see cutie Chance. He was sound asleep, so we didn't bug him since he is not a good sleeper. He has gained 20 grams which is 0.705 ounces.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chance 4 days old

Debbie got out of the hospital today and finally got to be with Chance. They took out his feeding tube and have been feeding him 4oz every couple of hours and his belly is tolerating it. He hasn't gained any weight but he hasn't lost any yet either.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chance: 2 days old

Here is Chance 2 days old. He is doing really well. Last I heard they were going to take his feeding tube out and try feeding him milk. Hopefully he can digest it so he can grow faster. He is a rambuncious one. The nurses told my dad that he doesn't want to sleep, he just wants to squirm and look about his surroundings.

Friday, May 15, 2009

More Pics of Chance

I got to see Chance at the hospital. They were getting him ready for transport so I couldn't get more pics or better ones. He is so tiny, he is only 12in long. Here is a pic with my hand to show how little he is. He is so aware of his suroundings. His little eyes wandered and he would stare right at you.

Baby Brother Chance

My baby brother Chance was born today. He was 8 weeks early but he and Debbie are doing great. He is screaming and crying so we know his lungs are good. He is 2lbs 2oz.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Momma's House

This is the little private road to my mom's house.
Is this a tree?
Guess again it is a huge bush of wild vines. Neato

The view from the house. It is a huge cliff.

The beach below my mom's house. It was low tide.

Rock with a bunch of talking clams.
The make weird noises.

My mom's house is right above this cliff.

Ready for Church.

There are lots of critters here. Even homeless snails (as my mom would call them).

Touring Twilight

Ok I'm hilarious. Sarah was jealous that we were going to Forks so I made a stick Sarah and carried her around and took pictures.

We woke up bright and early and on our way.

Port Angelos

The theater in Port Angelos that Jacob became sick from the transformation of Werewolf.

Forks is a huge logging place.

La Push

La Push was the best. It is an awesome beach with cool island formations.

A dead shark. Ewww
There were so many seals at La Push. Here is a bunch of them floating and sticking there fins out of the water. They did this for a long time. I had to look up and see why they do this. Seals do this to regulate their temperature.

We will pretend that this is Bella's and Jacobs drift wood.