Friday, April 22, 2011

Gabe's 26th Bday

Happy Birthday Lover Boy!!!

I can't believe Gabe turned 26. We are getting old. He still looks great though.

For his birthday Gabe wanted a Tres Leches Cake. I have never made one before, but I took on the challenge. The cake turned out so good. Mmmm!!! We are in fact addicted to it. Gabe wants me to make the cake all the time. But I have to say no most of the time since it is 20 Weight Watchers points per slice. And we can eat the cake just me and him in 2 days.
Before we had cake we went to the M Resort and had some yummy Italian food. Then we played some Craps. We walked away with a little extra money.

Scoob getting scolded for trying to lick the cake.

He wasn't to happy after that. :(

I just had a thought....
This was the 10th birthday that I have spent with Gabe.
Wow, I love that we have grown up together and experienced life together.

I love you, honey and I look forward to all the future birthdays we spend together.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spontaneous trip to Magic Mountain

Spontaneous trip to Magic Mountain

On Friday night getting dressed to go watch a movie, Gabe decided we should go to Cali to Magic Mountain. So we packed up and headed out that night.

Fish cloud I spotted on the way there. Can you see it?

On Saturday, we went to Magic Mountain and had alot of fun. We hit all the roller coaster except for Super Man. For some reason we can never make it to Super Man. I will for sure next trip.

Then on our way home we stopped at this cool store called Charlie Brown's. It had food and any desert you can fry. The store had lots of different knicks knacks, antiques, and movie memorabilia to look at and buy.

The trip was alot of fun. Can't wait until we go again.