Saturday, May 21, 2011

Missing Gabe

When Gabe is gone I become a softy and let Scooby sleep on the couch and on the bed with me. It is suppose to be a secret, but my mom decided to text the below pic to everyone including Gabe who isn't suppose to know.

Turns out he thought the pic was cute so he forgave me... I hope! :)

I miss you honey! Only 6 days left! Beijos

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chance's Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Chance!!!

Below are some pictures of Chance after we sang him Happy Birthday. They are quite halarious. Debbie stuck his hands in the cake and he flipped. He was so horrified that he had icing on his hands.

Oops, no shirt to wipe your hands on.

He then freaked that he got icing on his belly.

He just doesn't like to be sticky I guess.

Once he got some Diet Coke he felt alot better.

I had so much fun hanging with me little bro and all my other brothers.

And it was great seeing my Pa.

Love you guys!!!

Below are some failed attempts to take a picture with me and Chance.