Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Alamo Trip

Since Gabe is gone in South America I went to Alamo to hang with the Fam. We went to Wes and Jessica's wedding. We had a pretty good time dancing. Johnny played a little guitar and banjo for the crowd and Jake got everyone dancing.

I got to play with Chance. He is getting cuter and cuter.

Me and John went to breakfast together at windmill, then took the dogs to Aunt Mernas. Olivia jumped in the water and Scoob stood clear of it. Then we went to Hells half acre and hiked around a little. I didn't quite have the right shoes on.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Brian Head Trip 2

We went to Brian Head again. And this time we went with a Gabe's boss, Tim, and his family. We had lots of fun. But it snowed so hard there. We didn't get to do much skiing because there was no visibility. So to keep from getting cabin fever we went sledding.

Gabe went first so he got alot of powder

Briana face Planted

I got so much snow up my nose

Gabe useing his muscles to dig the car out.
I didn't do much

Just a pretty picture


Gabe and Tim (Gabe's boss)

Since the visibility on the mountain was so bad, we went tubing and had lots of fun. I think Kennedy liked it the most.

Me flying fast


Kennedy, he is so cute

Love him

After tubing we all went to the Pizza place and thawed out.
On our way home we stopped and took a little walk to a small lake. The snow was really deep but we had fun. It was really pretty there. Then we saw a bunch of deer.