Monday, May 17, 2010

Cabo Trip

In May we went to Cabo San Lucas with Kristen and Brady. We used their aunts time share. The place was awesome. It was so big that every where you went you had to call for a golf cart to come pick you up. We had alot of fun at the beach. Although all the shopping was really expensive. So we didn't buy to much. We all got alot of sun and went home with tans and sunburns.

Kristin and Brady

It was so cool because you were in the desert but at the beach.

Gabe played soccer on the first morning we were there. He had fun but his feet were raw for days.

We went Kayaking out to Lover's beach and then snorkelled. We saw alot of cool fish.

This is the pacific side of the ocean. The waves are so big and the rip tide is so bad that no one is allowed to swim there.
So of course Gabe has to try it and he gets wiped out really bad.

The boys tried surfing without any lessons. It was funny to watch.

They tried but never really got up. The waves here were really weird though. Nothing like the waves in Cali. Also, there were rocks everywhere.

Since surfing didn't happen we went exploring.

We found a couple dead blow fish. Gabe made me pick it up to take a picture. Ewwww!!!

On another day we went on a banana ride. It was fun for a minute.

Until we got flipped over and I got hit in the head.

Afterwards I was scared to fall off again. You can see it in my face. :z

Taking a nap.

On our last night we went and ate at Mi Casa. We had a hard time finding somewhere good to it. This place was one of the better ones.


This was our last day. We had to leave in the early afternoon. Kristin and Brady had a really early flight and had already left. This pic is on our patio.

Saying good bye to the beach.