Tuesday, January 11, 2011



In March of 2009 she found us at the park and jumped in our car like she belonged and she did immediately. She left us way to soon on January 11, 2011.

Olivia and Scooby became besties on day 1. There was no separating them. She was wild and crazy which brought out Scooby's youth from being middle aged.

She started out tough grew to be a softy. We rated her PG-13 due to her roughness. She attacked with many many kisses with that very long tongue of hers.

She loved balls and loved belly rubs even more. She loved playing catch and chasing anything that was fast enough. She loved attacking Scooby and biting his ears even our ears. She loved sleeping under the covers. She loved tug of war and would play it for hours. She had to win.

She got into everything. When she got caught she would show her belly in shame while still waging her tail. We love her very much, she is part of the family. We will miss her and her love for water. We will miss her cry when she sees us packing to leave and darting in the garage to make sure she is coming too. We will miss everything about her.

We will miss her unconditional love, her wet slobbery kisses, the cuddling in the morning before getting out bed for work, the horse playing and with out a doubt the family will always be missing a member.

Love You Olivia!!!!