Sunday, January 24, 2010

I sewed a Baby Sling

Have you ever went to a store to buy a baby sling? They are so expensive. My sister in law Adrianna wanted me to buy her one to send up to Brazil. They are even more money there. They seemed like two fabrics put together and I couldn't make myself buy one. I decided to sew one myself. I found a video online that walked through all the steps of making one (I will reference the blog I used when I can find it). So I did it. And the sling actually turned out. The first one I did was too small but the second one should work perfectly for my little soon to come nephew. With my left over fabric I made a little blanket to match.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dog 's naughty habits

Does your dogs have naughty habits that you can't train them to stop?
Olivia with her cute face and "I'm sorry, I'm so ashamed look" keeps getting into my sink. She takes pans out to lick clean, tupperwares to chew to pieces, and wood spoons to gnaw on. Scooby is not so innocent either with the "I didn't do it look". He may have short legs and can't reach the counter, but that is what Olivia is for, right? He loves breaking the tupperware into pieces once Olivia gets them out of the sink and I'm sure he loves to lick the greasy goodness from the pans too. I can't get them to stop. Sure I can keep dishes out of my sink, but that means doing dishes everyday. Once I work all day, then cook dinner, and eat my yummy food I don't want to leave the couch. So my pans get put in the sink before bed and forgotten until the next day when I need to do the dishes before making dinner because I have no pans. Then the search begins. I find pans upstairs in the extra bedroom, pieces of tupperware on top of the stairs, and half eaten wood spoons outside in the yard. As soon as I pick up that pan Olivia gives me the "I'm sorry, I'm so ashamed look" and shows me her belly while Scooby gives me the"I didn't do it look" and hides away. If your looking for a point of this blog, I don't have one. I won't change my ways and my doggies won't either. I still love them though like their my children and I'm sure they love me for not doing the dishes. :)

Look at these innocent faces....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

I love the rain, but there comes a point when it needs to STOP!!! For one thing noboby knows how to drive in Vegas especially when it is raining. There are wrecks all over, my work building is leaking, and my dogs are tracking mud all over my floor. Above is a picture of the airport.
Here is a pic of the strip you can't even see it.

I have never driven through fog before. These pics are when I was driving on I-15 North. I've watched to many movies when monsters come out of the fog or mist.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gabe's 4 Wheeler Accident

Gabe and Nathan went out to Nellis to ride 4 wheelers this weekend. The last thing I said before he left was "be careful and don't do anything stupid" and sure enough he wrecked hard. I'm at home minding my own business and a text comes through from Nathan and it's a picture of Gabe with his pants ripped, like shown above. He hit a hole and flipped over the 4 wheeler. His leg is bruised and scratched, but he'll live. Here he is telling me the story when he got home. Dork!