Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

For Thanksgiving dinner, we went to the Palazzo with my Mom and her friend from Seattle. We had lots of fun and the food was yummy.

The day after Thanksgiving I went up to Alamo to spend some time with my my Dad, Jake, Johnny, and Chance. We had taco's, which were so yummy. We also went and visited Grandpa and Grandma. The above picture is Chance with a doll at Grandma's that says a prayer. Chance loved her.
I aslo got to got to Mike and VeraDells anniversary surprise party. It was fun seeing everyone and all the cute kids and babies.

We decorated our house this weekend also. It was alot of fun to decorate our new house. We bought christmas lights to put on our house, but after we opened them all we found out they had no end connectors. So we just decorated our trees.

Gabe took this picture because me and Olivia Match, because of her purple collar.

The doggies got sent to the corner because they were getting in the way. To curious.

Pole position was having a good deal on the price per race. So me and Sarah finally raced. We have always been to scared. It was so much fun. I was nervous at first but that went away quickly. I want to go again. Me and Sarah only raced onced but the boys raced twice. The pics are pretty cool of the racing.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Twillight Saga: New Moon

Twilight Saga: New Moon
A bunch of us girls went to New Moon on opening day. Right after work we went to the theater to wait in line for an Hour and a half and it was totally worth the wait. The movie was so good. It was alot better than the first one, but they also had alot more money to make it. There were a few scenes that bugged me since they were nothing like the book, but I went in opened minded.

In this picture is My mom, me, T-Rose, Jenny, Sarah, Katie, and Heather and her friends. We were first in line, so we got really good seats.

Waiting in line patiently. :)

Before I went to the theater I just had to take a pic with the family. Olivia is so silly, she stuck her tongue out of the camera. I'm so sad that Gabe couldn't come. I will make him watch it with me when it comes out on DVD.

At work, me and Sarah wore our shirts. It is tradition for our group of TwiNerds to make shirts and wear them to the movie.

Friday, November 13, 2009

First November Weekend

Since Gabe went to a Gears of War Tournament. I packed up the dogs and went to Alamo for a night. My pa was in Logandale so I spent all the time with my Mom. We went to the Highschool football game on Friday. They were 50 to 0 at half time.
Finally it is fall. I mean I had to drive 90 miles to get there but the trees in Alamo are pretty. I haven't seen any trees in LV turn any colors yet.

We went to Aunt Merna's to let the dogs play around and to try and catch some Crawdads. No such luck. But the dogs had fun. They chased a deer, found nasty things to chew on, and got really dirty. You can see here Olivia first deciding to get in, she decided against it until after she chased the deer. Then jumped in. Scooby, poor doggie, fell in. I had a hilarious picture of it, but it didn't save. He fell in head first and I had to help him out since the bank was muddy.At my mom's place they get so spoiled there. They even got to sleep on the couch. Thats a no no at my house. :)
Here is Gabe and his team at Anaheim, Ca at the Gears of War tournament. Bunch of nerds. They lost the first game, then won the second, and lost the third. It was double elimination. One of his teammates were not getting very many kills a game. He did have fun though.

More House Pics

I think these pictures are too funny. I told Gabe that we had to do the traditional picture of your husband taking you over the threshold and this is what he did to me. Knocked the air right out of me.